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On this week’s story on Superstars of The Stage let me introduce Tina Jaxén. This romantic singer songwriter was born February 14th in 1997, in Skåne, Sweden. She is quite the romantic, as that birth date suits her well, and with 14 being her lucky number, perhaps it is in her destiny.

This extremely cute and adorable young lady with brown hair and brown eyes is a fantastic singer songwriter, and she really puts on an amazing show, as she dances elegantly throughout many of her routines. Her strong and pure voice also highlights her presentation.

Tina likes to be her own unique individual, and recognizes it as a good quality to not be normal. Her own silly and funny attributes are what make her a part of what she is. She also enjoys guitar, reading, writing stories, and numerous other things. Her dogs are Stjärna, Pärla, Ida, Solo, Milo, Jasmine and Kimi. She has one cat named Viwi.

 Tina’s creative way of thinking about things stems from a desire to love the things in life that offer the world a greater experience. She is the very opposite of a negative complainer. She finds something good to feel about in other people and the world around her ahead of negativity. She loves a sunny day and she also loves the rain. Also, she loves poetry, music, ballerina skirts, running, cats, dogs, guitars, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, London, Paris, Nashville, polka-dots, hearts, tigers, rainbows, roller coasters, yodeling, Hank Williams, horror movies, and many other things, as her interests go on for a long time.

However, one thing that I will not leave out is songwriting. She began at age 11 and has become an excellent songwriter. Below is a song she wrote, and with it she expresses her uniqueness by pointing out that you can have fun and enjoy being young, even act silly and still mature, while being a “Child at Heart.”

Tina has grown up on the country side her whole life with the yellow cornfields, dirt roads and the dream to become a famous country singer and songwriter. She would love to go to Nashville, Tennessee to become a big country star. Some of her favorites are Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton. She would also love to travel to many beautiful countries all over the world.

During the meantime, she has developed an amazing style with exuberance and flashy creativity that keeps a crowd entertained, along with her great voice and remarkable beauty both inside and out.

Some Tina facts:

  • Full Name: Tina Ann Sophie Jaxén
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5’7 feet (1,70 cm)
  • Education: Right now, first year in Upper Secondary school
  • Languages: Swedish, English and a bit of Spanish.
  • Genre: Country, Bluegrass, Rock
  • Religion : Christian

Tina works very hard on her school work first, and then works on her music during her spare time. She records music and performs on weekends. Apparently she must be working really hard, as she has written many of her own originals, and uses a lot of her own unique creativity to do so.

Here, in this next video, is an absolutely brilliant song, in which she expresses her desires and plans of making all her hard work pay off by taking her chance to reach her goal of going to Nashville with “Take Me To Tennessee.”

Regardless of the fact that she desires for all these dreams to happen, that does not keep her from remaining active with as many things as possible to keep her life well in check as she runs a few kilometers every week, and is really involved in taking care of her health. Tina also loves to play guitar, write poems, write stories, draw, paint, read, and do many creative things. Also, as mentioned before she does work hard on her school work.

During the meantime, Tina makes it look like so much fun to display her great charm and confidence in her live performances. With all the creativity and unique qualities that Tina has, it is clear that she can become a really big star, and you may soon be seeing her name mentioned among the big country stars. She certainly has the talent and the heart for it. Let’s not forget a lot of adorable charm and beauty, but most of all she is one very entertaining performer to watch, with one heck of a great show. You can learn more about Tina Jaxén by checking out her youtube channel and her website. The links to both are below.

   Tina’s Youtube                  Tina’s Website

Tina Jaxen about                    Tina Jaxen about

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