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This story on Incredible Female Dramatic Vocalists is one that introduces a young lady from Stockholm, Sweden. Klara Kärrman was born May 7, 1999 and has three younger brothers in which two of them are twins. Also, she has Leia and Charlie (her pets)  that she loves “as a mother who loves her own children.” She is very kind hearted, as she is an animal lover, and she has much empathy for others. Klara stresses that she does not like when people are mistreated.

Klara pets

Leia and Charlie

One thing that she does like is to put together amazing outfits, and some really cool jewelry, and as Klara puts it, “I’m a positive and happy girl who likes to be where things are happening, I am an outgoing girl and ambitious.” Another thing about her is that she loves to sing, and clearly works to become a great performer that keeps the audience entertained.

“Singing is a very big part of my life, but I work hard to get good grades in school,” Klara proclaims, as she clearly understands that success comes with lots of hard work. Klara began singing at about 7 or 8 years old. In the early days of singing she practiced at home, and it would be later that she started having a vocal coach.

In May of 2009, Klara began making videos on youtube just after turning 10 years old. With her second video, she introduces to the world her true ambition and character with this fascinating performance below.

(You will need to click on the video a second time to watch on youtube)

About two hours from her home is the studio of her vocal coach, Johan. This is where she has many “singing friends” and they traveled together to different countries and apparently they all became very close. This is her own words:

“In this studio I have all my singing friends. 2010

we traveled together to Venice, Italy and after that

we have been on many song festivals in different

countries together. It is so fun since I get the opportunity

to meet so many friends from different countries.

My goal is to be an international artist, make

my own music and tour around the world.”

Klara, indeed has traveled a great deal, and she certainly has a strong future ahead of her. With the incredible talent that she has with her vocals, theatrical stage presence, dramatic style, and emotion she can be an international star.

However, that doesn’t mean that during the meantime that she can’t make an amazing video inside the house. Here, in this next video, when she was twelve, she shows how worthy she is of international stardom, by displaying one of the greatest inside the home performances that you will ever see.

As you can see, Klara, not only has an amazing voice, but she also applies remarkable stage presence. She has great skill at creating an emotional affect on her listeners, and is able to stir an adrenaline of excitement.

Now, that she is 15 years old, she has a very mature, powerful voice; and she has definitely become quite the dramatic vocalist. As you can see in the next video, she is on her way to international stardom.

” My absolute idol number one is Beyoncé, I would do

anything to be as skilled as her because she is so awesome

both as an artist and private person. She is a really good

role model. She has her feet on the ground, she is healthy and

she is the very best ever in singing, the queen B.”


Below, Klara’s singing competition resume looks like this:

Klara Kärrman, Sweden    7 May 1999

Age 7-9: Started to sing at years around 7-8

Age 10-11: Participated in some talent competitions in Sweden

Age 11: Had one own radio program for SR 2010

Age 11: Participated in the semi final of the Nordic version of My Camp Rock on Swedish television 2010

Age 11: International competition Orpheus in Italy 2010 – 2nd place in age group 10-13

Age 12: Participated in the Swedish TV show Sing Sing 2011

Age 12: International competition Muszelki Wigier in Poland 2011 – 3rd place in age group 10-13

Age 12: International competition Orpheus in Italy 2011 – 2nd place in age group 10-13

Age 13: International competition Ti Amo in Romania 2012 – 2nd place in age group 11-14

Age 13: International competition Orpheus in Italy 2012 – 1st place in age group 11-13

Age 13: International competition Stars Voices in Switzerland 2012 – Grand prix of all age groups 6-18

Age 13: International competition Katusha Contest in Moscow 2012 – 2nd place in age group 12-16

Age 13: International competition Europop Song Contest in Germany 2012 – 4th place in age group 10-13

Age 14: Internationl competition Eurostars in Malta 2013 – 2nd place in age group 12-13

Age 14: Guest artist at Starts Voices in Switzerland 2013

Age 14: International competition Verdinote in Italy 2013 – Italian original song, prize for best musical base

Age 15: Invited to participate in the international festival Armonia in Spain 2014

Age 15: Swedish competition Stage Academy Artist 2014  –  1st place


Klara Kärrman

Klara Karrman 6

If you want to learn more about Klara Kärrman, you can check out her youtube channel or her blog site. The links for both are below.

Klara's YoutubeKlara's Blog



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