Sabrina Carpenter – The Middle of Starting Over (Official Video)

The amazing Sabrina Carpenter is one of the most awesome people on the planet; with great talent as an actress, singer, and dancer. Don’t miss “Girl Meets World.” This is her release of “The Middle of Starting Over.”  

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Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson.

 With the first story on Great Female Artistic Vocalists, I would like to present Singer Songwriter, Jasmine Thompson. Born the 8th of November 2000, this lovely girl who is half English, half Chinese, and half biscuits (she really loves biscuits) happens to come from London, UK. She carries the user/nickname TantrumJas rather frequently. Read more

Klara Karrman

Klara Karrman.

This story on Incredible Female Dramatic Vocalists is one that introduces a young lady from Stockholm, Sweden. Klara Karrman was born May 7, 1999 and has three younger brothers in which two of them are twins. Also, she has Leia and Charlie (her pets)  that she loves “as a mother who loves her own children.” She is very kind hearted, as she is an animal lover, and she has much empathy for others. Klara stresses that she does not like when people are mistreated. Read more