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 With the first story on Great Female Artistic Vocalists, I would like to present Singer/Songwriter, Jasmine Thompson. Born the 8th of November 2000, this lovely girl who is half English, half Chinese, and half biscuits (she really loves biscuits) happens to come from London, UK. She carries the user/nickname TantrumJas rather frequently.

 How she arrives with this nickname seems to be the result of some type of inside humour, possibly involving her family or friends. Clearly, she enforces a remarkable sense of humour and charm with this alleged notoriety about her temperament, most notably are examples such as the following photo below.

Fortunately, she apparently has a very quick recovery time (LOL). Jasmine has now risen from her early days on youtube (as her second post is in June of 2011) from when she was unknown to reaching the UK Charts, and gaining the attention of BBC R1, Naughty Boy, Passenger, Perez Hilton, and many more during her journey in reaching well over 700 thousand youtube subscribers (as of early Sept. 2014).

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Early on Jasmine began to excel at putting out many videos with the help of her mum, her brother Jed, her cat Lily and even a flock of sea gulls. She began to become quite popular with the support of the likes of TFCTalent, and RaterBug, along with many of her favourite supporters, friends, and fans. A special contributor to her wonderful cause would be her brilliant vocal coach Didier.

Quickly following this fantastic youtube success, she apparently drove off of that and many other inspirations to dispatch her debut album of cover songs “Bundle of Tantrums” and later she displayed surprising song writing skills for such a young lady, when she delivered with her EP called “Under The Willow Tree” which involved four of her own songs.

To the delightful pleasure of her fans, Jasmine’s continuous development of a haunting and mythical vocal style continued to come greatly hand in hand with her song writing skill. The result of her EP is full of life and ecstatic charm, as you can witness with this EP preview video consisting of four of her songs.

During all this time, of enhancing her enchanting vocal skills and song writing, Jasmine, who also has talent at many forms of dance, piano, and guitar, also has been bringing very upbeat forms of song to the table; which she does very well here in this live performance below.

Later “Another Bundle of Tantrums” occurred (LOL) as the name of her second album, which contained one of her own songs called “Drop Your Guard.” With this song, she creates a very dreamy vocal sound; and an inspiring message about the need for a friend to open up, along with one’s own desires and anguish that comes with wanting them to do so.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as you can find many of her captivating videos on her youtube channel, and her albums, EP, and many of her singles on iTunes. If you need to know more about Jasmine Thompson, you can check out her youtube channel, which in addition to her music, you will find her Q & A videos. Also, check out her website. The links for both are below.

Jasmine's Youtube Jasmine's Website

jasmine official fan site

Here is the link to pre-order Jasmine’s new EP Take Cover.

 Recent Live performances with Jasmine Thompson

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