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Soon the world will witness the phenomenal beauty and talent of the artist that is this week’s presentation on Great Female Artistic Vocalists. As the upcoming  feature film, Atlanta Vampire Movie, finishes up on filming, now would be a good time to pay attention to the very multi-talented Elena House. She will be playing one of the lead roles “Fang” as her popularity with producers has grown.

One thing that makes Elena so interesting in the entertainment world is that she combines many of her talents together in interesting ways to create a character or a scenario, often to go with her singing and music videos.

This keeps an audience interested as she brings forth not only singing and glamour, but theatrical talent, and lots of daring adventurous art forms and disciplines. These things help make an interesting scene, but it takes lots of skill.

In order to achieve such skill, Elena works very hard as she masters her many forms of art, which are modeling, martial arts, gymnastics, dancing, piano, singing, and acting.  One would think this would spread her talents thin. However, Elena has succeeded quite well. Much of that is because she combines her many forms of art together.

She and her family gained a cultural appreciation for the world of opera when Elena was a very young child. Elena, who was born in September of 1998, lives in Georgia with her family, whom bought the old Commerce Opera House.

This historical building was in very bad shape being 120 years old. As a young child, Elena was involved in her family’s work at restoring this old building, and after 10 years of hard work it is a great place to see now. Many of the scenes in the previous video were from that same building. They were all very inspired by the result of that work and for much of their life they had been fascinated with opera itself.

For Elena this fascination stemmed the inspiration to create mystifying, and even haunting works, by using her singing and acting combined with graceful moves with swords or another time dancing, etc.etc…Sometimes there is no telling what her imagination will conjure, as she is full of surprises and adventure.

Those with a desire for such surprises will be very happy with this artist, as she uses lots of creativity to make something interesting happen. Once again, Elena, who has been an award-winning model, combines her talents by doing photo shoots to promote her music videos. Below, are some awesome examples.

  Also, what promotes her music videos is that she has excelled at gymnastics and achieved her black belt in the aikido discipline of martial arts, all of which follows in the footsteps of her father Robert House, beginning as a young child.

When at the University of Georgia, Robert won an NCAA gold medal in gymnastics, and is an Aikido master. Elena trains at the very same, Commerce Opera House, that their family renovated. They now call part of it the Opera House Family Center, where many are trained at martial arts, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Also, two other parts are a dance school and a restaurant.

 These types of skills and athletic performances can pay off for Elena in many exciting roles as an actress. (click photo to watch video)elenahouse16

At dancing Elena is well-trained in ballet, ballroom and hip-hop and uses that to enhance her videos when the need rises.

She certainly rises to the occasion with her piano playing, which she was very much into by the age of eight and currently loves Beethoven. Under the teaching of Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra conductor, Rick Smith, she has become a remarkable piano player.  Here, in this next video, you can witness her fantastic piano playing with this Ballade pour adeline by Richard Claderman.


Elena took vocal lessons at the “New School of Music” early on, and then from Richard Fink, IV. Since early 2012, she has received vocal coaching from none other than the very brilliant Didier of Paris, France.

It is under such guidance that she has learned not to push her voice to soon, and has learned to develop her vocals naturally. Elena has learned to stay poised at the lower and middle register, while allowing her voice to very smoothly move up with more power into the upper register, where she displays the brilliance of her voice, although soft, yet a remarkable set of effects and variety of sound.

Her variety also goes from opera to classical pop and then surprises everyone with something as far from that as Queen or Metallica. Her creativity and uniqueness has attracted the attention of those such as Thomas Schauffert, whom got her to come to Switzerland to perform in a concert there.

In one of the numbers they did, Elena and her father thrilled the audience with a skit that had been choreographed, in which she wards off an attacker (her father) and slowly reduces his negative energy and turns it into positive energy. The crowd loved it.

Another offer had her coming to the Beverly Hilton, in Beverly Hills, California. There she performed in the red carpet event called “The World’s Most Distinguished Chinese Award Gala.” This and many of her performances have left audiences in awe.

Whatever, she does in the world of singing, you can bet she is going to make it interesting. One way is through her portrayal of unique characters.  Here, in this video she plays the role of an elf, and sings with a haunting voice that can remind one of a lonely angelic spirit singing from the hidden distance.


Speaking of role playing, one of Elena’s early efforts was in the Phantom of the Opera Haunted House, where she played the role of “an illusion.” She added much to her experience in theater technique by learning at The Company Acting Studio.

Elena has included her unique style in shows at Cold Sassy Players, and at the Commerce Opera House. Her theatrical acting has thrilled audiences.

 Another development in Elena’s world of acting is that she studied with Chamber Stevens and Steve Coulter of the Chez Group, and now receives coaching at Actors Complete Training with Bob Harter, using live on-camera learning.

In addition to that, she was both actress and singer with “Reunited: A Southern Touch.” Then in her own short story musical, she played a dramatic role as a vampire in “Who Wants To Live Forever.”

Interesting enough, that inspired the producers of Atlanta Vampire Movie to the point that Elena now has the role of Fang in their upcoming feature film. This movie, with screenwriter Wiley McCain and produced and directed by Giles Shepard and Bruce Downs, is somewhat a comical, yet somewhat a serious feature film, about four friends, one of them being a vampire, turns the other three into a vampire by accident. Later they are chased down by Eddie Van Helsing, while also dealing with ex-boyfriends, and unemployment. Sounds like a predicament. It is expected to be released late in the year 2015 and distribution is not yet finalized.

In the video below, Elena plays the role of the grand-daughter of a mafia leader, who secretly attempts to hire one of her grand-father’s hit men for a job. When she tries to drop the secret code, the hit man is caught by surprise.

Now, Elena House has shown that she can take an audience on an adventure. Whether it be with the graceful moves of the swordsmen, the dancer, or the acrobat. Whether it be with the most exquisite photos or by transporting their imagination with her mystifying singing, or her alluring acting. Whatever she does, you can bet this creative and hard working 5′ 5″ bundle of excitement will bring it.

Also, look for her to have many things in store for her fans, as she has shown her writing ambitions in creating her short stories, characters, and skits. In addition to that, you can always count on her creativity bringing you new surprises.

Here, in this next video, Elena has made an excellent song choice. The strong beat of the song mixed with the tranquil qualities of the rest of the music goes perfect with Elena’s calm and poised vocal performance, that she delivers with the enchantment in her voice, that builds your imagination and sense of adventure.

In the future, you can expect to see more thrills, chills, and amazing adventures with Elena House, whether it be acting, singing, piano playing, dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, or those spectacular photo shoots. It will likely be filled with excitement or unique inspiration. You can keep in touch with Elena’s progress or learn more about her on her many social networks, including her youtube channel or her website. The links to both are below. Also, you can help with the production of Atlanta Vampire Movie by clicking here.

          Elena’s Youtube             Elena’s Website

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